Hello, I do have some policy of my own and here it is:

Fatpacks and outfits that, even though aren't fatpacks but are the same, in different colors: I will Blog one of them, or mix/match colors when possible, but I won't blog all of them. I sure give all the information regarding the colors and appliers.

I don't like to "photoshop" my Pictures too much because it will take away the originality of the product, and I believe that the items should look the same way as it is given and not "Photoshopped" to the max.

I do use minor filters to correct edges, firestorm phototools, and some light when I take the pictures, to create a better effect.
update - 08/19/2018
As for Bodies and heads, I have: Eve 9.1 (head and body pulpy and slim), Maitreya - Lara (body)Lelutka Korina and Evo Nova.

Any questions, please, contact me.

anabellebelucci resident (aka cassianamorigi).