I decided I neded some new lingerie, but I didn't want anything too sexy, just something we can  wear everyday and still remain cute.

 So I have searched and found out TST - but be careful, because if yours is mesh body, your place to shop is on the second floor!

 I bought this cute set of panties and bras, with appliers.

Unfortunately, colors don't change.

 So I went back to Surf beach and rezzed my Ottoman that I have got from OoO studios and took some pics there.

 The poses are already in the Ottoman, just click on it, sit and touch to change poses. Fantastic!

 Lingerie: TST Patty

 Kimono -Maitreya Sabra kimono  Ethnic 5 with sheer and non sheer options

 Sunglasses: from GAALL's  Sabrina outfit.

 Cigarette: Miss Canning stage 1

 Flats: Kokoia - Mikonos Skin: Amacci Jenny fair candy 04

 Hair: Rezzology Mezzaluna

 Body: Maitreya Lara V 3.5


  waiting for someone to light my fire.

Thank you for dropping by. xoxo, Cassie.