More Gifts!

Well, it's not really a gift if you need to pay 20 lindens or 10 lindens to join groups to get them, but, anyway, I did it and got them. But after you  join them, you ger more gifts, and really nice ones, so the little you have spent to join the groups get back to you in from of gifts.

Here's where I went to the get the four outfits  shown below:

The groups are: Maitreya Gifts and Sales, Sweetblack Style, Arcane Spellcenter and  Third Life  Groups:

First outfit I am showing came from Maitreya Gifts and Sales Group:

Name of the outfit - Dress Urban out - AK Creations - from Arcane Spellcenter.

Review - we need to dance and see if parts of our body will show, and the do. No problem, we just need to hide them.

I am also wearing in all the photos of this post -

Livalle Modig High Strap Sandals Noir;  available for Slink High Feet, Belleza Venus High Feet or Maitreya High Feet. The foot mesh is not included in this package.

Dela - fitted mesh hair Thea -  dark Blondes

Just Magnetized - lipstick -  catwa appliers - Orchid set

CATWA - Head - Jessica  V 4.10 -  upgradable

Maitreya - Lara body V 3.5 - hands and feet also


Second outfit - given if you join Sweetblack Style Group, by paying a 10 lindens fee:

The outfit is called -  Colet - fits perfectly, no need to hide anything.

The bracelets I am wearing in the photo above came with another outfit -  which demo I tried - a new release -  called Break the p red.

Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

Next gift, given by Arcane Spellcenter, by the cost of 20 lindens:

Fits perfectly - no need to hide, and I danced to test - ok, the nipples, maybe, but that was all.

Bracelets not included

Slink, Physique, Hourglass and Maitreya.

Now here's the one that I really loved, GIVEN BY THE THIRD LIFE GROUP:

Maitreya, belleza, Slink and Classic.

Name of the outfit: Clothing White and red - but I saw it more pink than red. It is form Arcane Spellcenter store.

Anyway, with this outfit we need to hide legs - upper and lower  - and pelvis, but leave the lower waist showing.
Top, pants, necklace and bracelet included.

 SKIN: from Lara'S Body and Catwa'S head.

POSES: from a friend's sdudio. Thank you Curei!