Curei's Galerie de Photographie GRAND OPENING

Curei's Philosophy:

"Curei's Galerie de Photographie
 G A L L E R Y    P R O G R A M

WELCOME (Bienvenue).  As you will soon see, this is far from any ordinary gallery.  This is a very special place where we have done all we can to elevate the visual arts to a new level of excellence. May your enjoyment of our efforts be a grand experience.

A LITTLE BIT OF BACKGROUND.  "Curei," the featured originator of this gallery, is a photojournalist in real life, who would like to share her joy of some of the visual adventures she has had (and is still having), not only in real life, but in all forms of virtual reality, such as Second Life,.... and beyond.

IN THIS GALLERY, you will find visual experiences from all over the world and in all possible worlds, digital and real.  And, to make your visit here more vivid, and more dramatic, you will notice that most of the images have been presented, for your enjoyment, in a panoramic style.  They were all created by Curei, who wants you to have an enjoyable time on your visit here and come back again with your friends as often as you would like.

THERE IS NO COST TO YOU AT ALL.  There is no entrance fee and no cost for any of the available photo classes, if you should find them to be of interest.  That's the way it is here in our gallery and it is also the way it is in the marvelous fine art museum across the way.  It too, is a special place that you will find to be a joy to visit.

IF YOU SHOULD HAVE ANY SPECIAL INTEREST in any of the photo images here, and you might wish to gain a copy of one or more of such images, you will have to contact the Director of The American Communication Arts organization, which is the agency representing Curei's work in both worlds.  As we noted, nothing is for sale here.  You may send an email to: for more information on JPG and print availabilities.  Please put "Curei print information" in the heading of your communication.

THIS SPECIAL NON-PROFIT PRESENTATION was made possible by the special assistance of a number of interested and talented people, including the following:

From the TBB Fine Art museum:  Alexandra de Thebes, Museum Director and Curator, and Deidre Doyle, Museum Archivist, and Magdalena Doyle, Museum Conservator, and Angela la Bonne, Museum Editor.

Our Master Builder, Wordsmith Jarvinen, Vice Chancellor, Caledon Oxbridge University.

Peter, a programmer and attorney in New York.

Lilith Heart, and her Heart Garden Center.

...and many, many more.  Our eternal thanks go out to all of them, each and every one, for making all of this possible.

And, most of all, thank you for being here, for coming here to enjoy what has been created for you.  Nous sommes heureux que vous ayez pu venir."  *

* text from the notecard givven at the gallery.