Home Decoration - welcome to cassiana's love and party home!

The Entrance Hall, below:
I have decided to add an Entrance Hall because there was only one large room, with a garden and stairs on the first floor.
I didn't want the kitchen to be exposed. Also, the landing point is outside my home, so I thought it would be interesting to welcome guests in the Hall.

For that I have decided to use lalique crystal walls ( phantom for easier movement around the place), Victorian's style and

 Lok's Low Prim Furniture - *Lok's* End Table (Modern Victorian Cream);

Lok's Low Prim Furniture - *Lok's* Lamp with Beads (Victorian White);
Rug from the Dictatorship Store that was included with the Oak leaf throne which is in my bedroom.

Living Room,  below:
 Acers Creationindian rug 4 - marketplace. 
Indian Box Decor from Mesh India.

Lok's Low Prim Furniture - *Lok's* Coffee Table (Modern Victorian Cream);

Depoz - Yesteryear Earth - Victorian Collection Table Runner

Tartessos Arts -  Ikon Coffee Set;

Lok's Low Prim Furniture -  *Lok's* Modern Victorian Cuddles Sofa V3 (White), {moss&mink} {moss&mink} Heart & Star pillow set;

Lok's Low Prim Furniture - *Lok's* Modern Victorian Cuddles Chair V3 (White);

Lok's Low Prim Furniture - *Lok's* End Table (Modern Victorian Cream);

Lok's Low Prim Furniture - *Lok's* Lamp with Beads (Victorian White);
Other side of the same living Room:
Hindu God's Frame. Mesh India.

Ballroom,  below:
Art Nouveau rug and wall art by myself. There is a garden that was already included in the Linden Home. I decided to add Planter - Pansies,Dogwood tree( small) and  Rock - medium, angular from second life free library, instead of buying new ones.   

Victorian's Style bookcase  Montagne Noire Clothiers & Furnishings - Victorian Bookcase Cabinet on the other side. It's able to be seen  in the picture of the kitchen.

Kitchen, below:

 Retro style. Wallpaper, rug, table and chairs covers by myself.
Apple fall -  Advent Coffee Maker; Cherry Bomb!  Modern Cottage Kitchen - marketplace. In this picture it's able to see the bookcase.

Bedroom, below:

Bedroom set: Lok's Low Prim Furniture -  Devotion Bedroom Set with XPOSE (Marie Version)  Version 1.2;

Modern decor.

*BDSM throne from Dictatorship. * Just in case.....

Outside Decor, below:

Welcome cat Door mat from Reckless Angel's Store (marketplace) - and Indian Pot from Mesh India.

I hope you like what I have done.