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I was brought to The Best Of Me by Maitreya Lara Gifts, Sales and News Group.

So I went there to check what was it about.

 I was glad to find some interesting outfits.

 I bought the blue kimono, since I love japanese culture and food and the Lara Pink Assimetric Jacket and leggings (both $L 99,00) because Autumm is coming  and it's getting a bit colder!

So I needed of course (;-)) something to keep me warm.

 Then I decided to go to a japanese sim to take the pictures and I found one really nice: Kyoto, Japan

I had to find out a place where I could take picture that was related to autumm for the other outfit, so I found this awsome sim dedicated to Henry David Thoreau, called the Walden Pond where you can go there and purchase botanicals and enjoy the view, take a walk or, like myself: take pics.

 There are many different places for pictures.

So many colors!     

Autumm outfit: 

Outfit: Lara Pink Assimetric Jacket with leggings;

  Hair: AGRACE Mayu (mirror)

  Shoes: Bens Boutique Montana Stiletto (pink) - Maitreya

  Skin: Amacci Jenny fair 04 candy

  My body: Maitreya Lara V3.5 

Pose: OoO Studio Fever 3

  Japanese Outfit

  Kimono: The Best Of Me Kimono Dress Asian Sky

  Shoes: Livalle Modig Strapped sandals - noir

  Skin: Glam Affair America 03

  Earrings: HHC - Champagne  Diamond and pearl

  Hair: Amacci Hair Saga

  My body: Maitreya Lara V3.5